Rooms | Αρχοντικό της Πέπως


The hotel allocates seven different rooms, (Efrosini, Kaliopi, Nikolitsa, Vasiliki, Dafni , Ioanna & Maria) inspired from the individual characters of the relatives.

Hand sowed white linen, laces and fabrics enriched with flowers decorate the rooms in soft colors, a feeling of harmony and luxury renders an ideal choice of stay.

Modern and contemporary comforts are also provided, like High speed Internet access, Plasma T.V, personal amenities, Cocomat mattress, and rooms are furnished by Kourtis furniture, you will travel in old romantic times and awakening in beautiful memories. The Bathroom is decorated by Dionysios Marble, hand crafted wash basins, the internal wardrobe doors are lined with genuine silver, compensating the space and character of a neoclassical home of 1850 which has been transformed into a Boutique Hotel.

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