History of Nafpaktos | Αρχοντικό της Πέπως

History of Nafpaktos

"Naf" = boat and "Pignymi" = build, these are the words that compose the name of Nafpaktos from 1104 B.C.

Nafpaktos lies in harmony from a rich past, it combines beauty and a natural environment. Its traditional posture has been built amphitheatrically on a coastal line overlooking the Corinthian bay, in front of the mountains of Nafpaktia, across from Peloponnesus and in between Delfi and Mesologi.

Its rich historical past has been overwhelmed by intruders and presence of many impressive historical and architectural monuments, e.g. the Venetian port and the impenetrable castle with its five defensive areas. Walking the pavements which are lined with stone slabs from the port right across to the Venetian castle, you have the possibility of discovering the Clock of Nadpaktos, the Tower of Botsari and the Tzavela Residence. Reaching on the top of the castle you will be confronted with an astonishing and unique view (the Corinthian Bay) which will take your breath away. The biggest naval Battle in History was fought in this Bay, the Great Naval Battle of Lepanto or simply “The Battle of Lepanto”.

The Harbour with the two arms extending from the castle and two towers guarding the port entry is also complimented with the statues of Georgios Anemogiannis and Micheal Cervantes. In close proximity are cafes and restaurants, here you can enjoy these monuments from the past and relax through history or simply enjoy the view.